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Addictions and Answers
Recovery From Booze, Pills and Dope

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Addictions and Answers


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We live in one of the most beautiful, wild and scenic areas of California, the Sierra Nevada mountains and surrounding foothills. Does that mean that we don't have problems such as addiction or alcoholism? NO. Small towns have their own challenges, which include addiction and alcoholism.

The lifestyle is so attractive here that we are fortunate to draw many people skilled in addressing the many aspects of addiction.

Among the talented people that we've attracted to this beautiful country is Bill Manville. In January of 1998 he joined the crew of 1450AM - KVML, the voice of the MotherLode. His popular Show Addictions and Answers has brought recovery to a new high in this area with the only radio talk show that does addiction 52 weeks a year

It is heard throughout the Sierra Nevada foothills and surrounding valley locations. Tune your AM dial to 1450 every Saturday Morning beginning at 10 minutes past 11AM until Noon.

As editor of this site, I chose Bill because of his experience, common sense and most of all he is able to deliver this very important information is a most entertaining way. For those of you out of the area who aren't able to hear his voice, you're missing a treat. His voice was made for radio.

"How Do I Stop?" and All the Other Questions You’d Like to ask if You were On the Popular Phone - in Radio Show. Now on these Internet pages too.

Bill Manville

There is an obvious first question, Click here for for the answer.

Here you will find stories of some of the people that Bill has known. They are instructive as well as entertaining. We also want to help you tell your story. You don't have to be an addict, you don't have to be clean and sober.

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My Last Heroine Slam

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