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There are as many reasons to be on the web as there are people thinking about being on the web. Your reason will be based on many things.

Most of the people who come to us are small business and non-profit organizations. Your internet presence will be an extention of your promotional activities. Rather than blazing a new trail on the internet, we'll look at what you're doing already and and help you understand if you're ready to be on the internet. If you are ready to be on the internet we can help you see how to translate the things you're already doing to the internet. If you're not ready to be on the internet we can help you lay the groundwork and prepare you to enter the internet.

The internet is a medium that is different from any other. Our background in a variety of journalistic and advertising mediums gives us an advantage in understanding and taking advantage of those differences. Our 12+ years experience working on the internet gives us the experience to help you decide when and how to enter the internet.

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