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It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.

George F. Will

We often hear stories of the courage of ordinary people and their triumph against great odds. When we hear of a persons life being restored, we are witnesses to miracles. Our friends are heros and so are we.

Whenever we are truly open to knowing the people around us, our neighbors, we will see heroism. It is amazing that when we get to know most people, and hear what their lives have been like, we find so much to admire and respect. It is a privilege to have such friends. It is amazing that they are so abundant when we open ourselves to them.

In Tuolumne County this is especially true. Whenever a need is discussed, the response is almost overwhelming. The people of Tuolumne County are so generous in the community that it really makes folks take notice. One example is the recent effort to build our first Habitat for Humanity home.

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