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We are sorry to announce that Edward “Wimpy” Jones died Nov. 30 at age 83. The memorial service was held Saturday December 9, 2000. Approximately 150 people of all ages and backgrounds were at the service. He is one old cowboy we will truly miss.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse gave Jones the title of first honorary town marshal in May after some 1,600 people signed a petition urging that he be recognized at the posse’s annual Round-Up. Wimpy wore his marshal badge proudly every day in downtown Sonora


Everyone calls him Wimpy.

He is the old cowboy you see sitting downtown. His hands are always busy, signaling that the car is parked just right, waving to visitors in downtown Sonora, smoking those endless cigarettes. You'll see him walking up the sidewalk or visiting with a local merchant or befriending a child. I wonder how many people really know his name, I suspect most don't.

Edward Jones was born in Palatine Illinois on Sep. 7, 1917. Mary and Jim, his parents, came to the United States from Poland five years before he was born. He was raised on a farm with three older brothers. He has not heard from them since he was 14 when he left home. That was more than sixty years ago.

He left home to travel with a "wild west show". He was paid 21.50 a week-that is, 21 hamburgers and 50 cents for tabacco. Can you guess why his nickname is wimpy?

The cowboy life took wimpy all over the states, World War II took him all around the world. He was drafted into the army at the age of 21 and sent to Iceland for five years. He doesn't say much about his war experience. He does tell of his travels to Scotland and England while on army leave.

Wimpy says even though he has been to many exotic places such as Cuba, his favorite place to visit was Florida. Why did he choose to live in Sonora? He says that it was the center of the rodeos at the time, he has lived here since 1951.

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