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Tuolumne County

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In addition to the standard activities, exploring and spelunking in our local caverns, fishing and golfing. A large variety of dining, shopping and lodging. You'll read elsewhere about all of those wonderful activities.

We have a comodity available here in a greater abundance than almost anywhere else, peace and quiet. As you're facing your busy day wondering where your serenity went to today. Do you ever think, "if I could just get away for a few days, I know I could be more productive".

Approximately 78% of Tuolumne County is owned by various governmental agencies. There are miles and miles of solitude where you can go clear your head. Remember the last time you really slept soundly? We have motels, hotels, inns, bed and breakfast inns and campgrounds waiting for you.

Then you can get up in the morning and go for that walk. You can be assured that those 'Angels' will have a chance to break through that clutter of the city. Have one of our restaurants pack you a 'brown bag lunch' or a picnic basket and go on an impromptu picnic.

Come, enjoy the peace and quiet.

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